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the giants, parts one and two

World Premiere

By Matthew Jellison

Directed by Isaac Klein

Scenic and Lighting Design by Steven Royal

Costume Design by Heather Barton

Projection Design by Brad Peterson

Sound Design by Derek Knoderer

Artwork and Poster Design by David Litman

Executive Producer: Robin Sokoloff

Producer: Anna Rooney

Production Photos by Rachael Shane


February 26 to March 13, 2016

the giants is a new play cycle by Matthew Jellison currently being developed with Isaac Klein.

Parts one and two had their world premiere production at Loft227 in 2016.

the giants has enjoyed multiple developmental residencies with Fresh Ground Pepper and Barn Arts Collective.

in the city, there’s a skyscraper to the stars,

and in the skyscraper there are people.

and sometimes they fall in love,

and often they have giant dreams

and face giant problems.

then, one day an actual giant

– as tall as the skyscraper –

shows up in the city

and begins to tear it apart.

the giants is a stunning and imaginative excursion into

love, death, dreams, stars, and real estate.

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