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“Wonderfully informative and beautifully written.  All lovers of theatre will love this book.”

—Stacy Keach


“Jerry Freedman was the most articulate, succinct, pragmatic but entertaining and loving teacher from whom I learned the craft. Actors at any level of their career will find his book invaluable.”

—Christine Baranski


“Reading Isaac Klein’s detailed portrait of Gerald Freedman’s teaching is like walking around a fine sculpture, looking at the same subject, but from a thousand points of view. If you dip in looking for a particular topic, you’ll find it. But I recommend reading the book cover to cover. By the time you’re done, you’ll have a big picture of what theater and acting’s all about.”

—Sam Waterston


“In The School of Doing Jerry Freedman shows us how he understands the actor.  He knows us by the heart.”

—Hal Holbrook

“Isaac Klein’s wonderful book, The School of Doing, illuminates the remarkable ripple effect Gerald Freedman’s teaching has had on so many of us. Page after page is stitched with wisdom and dotted with insight. Reading this book is like sitting in the green room with some of theater and film’s most gifted artists and overhearing their secrets of craft. Each offering is its own haiku, its own marvelous meditation. Buy this brilliant book and get your highlighter ready!”

—Ashley Gates Jansen

“What a wonderful book to read, of how actors, designers, directors and all departments create their ART, how they go about telling a story. A fascinating read. I loved it, especially the lessons of Gerald Freedman, who was the first to open my mind to myself.”

—Chita Rivera


“I think the world has been waiting for a beautiful book about Gerald Freedman. Because Gerald is a beautiful soul that finds expression in beautiful work and in a person with a beautiful personality. All of this is richly evoked in Isaac Klein’s eloquent, absorbing, and necessary book.”

—Austin Pendleton


“Gerald Freedman was a lion of the Public, one of the foundational faces behind this amazing theater. This book is a valuable contribution to preserving the legacy of this great man.”

—Oskar Eustis

“Gerald Freeman was an inspiration when he directed me in Shakespeare in the Park. Almost a half century later he inspired me again and my son, JD Cullum, when he directed us both in a production of The Dresser. His love and enthusiasm for the theater never waned or changed. I truly admire the man. The book by Isaac Klein, The School of Doing, is a book I would recommend to any aspiring actor.”

— John Cullum


“This book is like a letter from an old friend. I’ve read it and re-read it, trying to absorb its lessons. Some were things I knew, some were things I’d forgotten, some were things I’d never heard, but all were vital. For those who know Jerry, this book is his voice, friendly yet stern, reminding us of the pursuit of excellence. For those who don’t, this book will be a light in the wilderness. Not just how to act, but how to approach a life in acting.”

— Neal Bledsoe

“Gerald Freedman is the gentle, affable giant upon whose shoulders gen- erations of exceptional theatre people stand securely and proudly! He is ever and always worth listening to!”

— Jack O’Brien

“If you are seeking the epitome of professional training for the theater, you must pause mightily before the name of Jerry Freedman. This is a man of distinguished credentials with a spectrum of knowledge and unsurpassed experience. Don’t miss a rare opportunity to yes, “collaborate” with a youthful, energetic, highly regarded man of the world of theater.”


— Joseph Papp (From a letter written in 1991. Reprinted with permission.)

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