Mr. Sasquatch Goes to Washington

By Mike Anderson

Directed by Isaac Klein

Scenic & Props Design by Jen Dunlap

Costume Design by Elaine Lim

Lighting Design by Rachel Gilmore

9Thirty Theatre Company

Front Street Theater

Production Photos by Mia Berg

April 22-25, 2009

After a bear terrorist (bearrorist) kidnaps a Boy Scout troop, the elusive Sasquatch comes out of hiding and heads to the office of his senator to beg her to protect his forest home as a national park. He finds political wheeling and dealing on behalf of the planet isn't as easy or altruistic as he thought, until he learns a handy lesson from none other than the Lorax! Yes, all of that actually happens in this absurd and timely romp, sure to make you laugh 'til the ice caps melt!