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Dream Machines

Book and Lyrics by Matt Cowart and Isaac Klein

Music by Joshua Morgan and James Stewart


Dream Machines is a children’s musical with enormous heart that will captivate and inspire children and adults alike. The show tells the story of the Wright brothers and their sister, Katharine, as they strive to achieve the impossible—create the first flying machine! Along the way, we see the spark of inspiration that starts them on their journey; the years of passionate pursuit that follow; their many trials and missteps; and the will they find to get up, brush themselves off, and try again, ultimately succeeding in their dream of flight. Automotive entrepreneur Henry Ford and railroad tycoon Octave Chanute provide essential assistance to the Wrights on their path to glory and world renown.


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Open Dream Ensemble produced the world premiere production,which toured the southeastern United States in 2009 and 2010.


Directed by Matt Cowart and Isaac Klein

Scenic and Lighting Design by Travis McHale

Costume Design by Ren LaDassor

Production Photos by Open Dream Ensemble

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