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By Arthur Miller

Directed by Isaac Klein 

Lighting Design: Abby Auman

Costume Design and Intimacy Choreography: Samantha LeBrocq

Set and Props Design: Dwight Chiles

Set Consultant and Master Carpenter: Tom Dewees

Sound Design: Henry Williamson III

Assistant Director and Stage Manager: Art Moore

Assistant Stage Manager and Board Op: Madison Gosnell

Production Photos by John Highsmith 

Presented by HART Theatre in association with Mountain Art Theatre

Waynesville, North Carolina, September 27 to October 13, 2019

A Note from the Director:

A barrage of accusations from a group of frightened children is only partly to blame for the horrors that followed in Salem, Massachusetts. Another key factor was the readiness of many to believe those children. And why not believe them, when their cries corroborated the fear and hate already held in many hearts? Today, as in 1692, and as in 1953 when The Crucible premiered, it is our dark judgment of one another that can make the space for evil to not only be believed in, but to flourish. When we see others as evil based on how they look, who they love, what they wear, how they pray, where they’re from, or who they voted for, we grow more polarized, we grow more frightened, and before we know it, the noose is up.

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